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While typically a poster paper is utilized as the print medium, synthetic paper, fabric, plastic or aluminum substrates and foam core are options.

Promote Your Brand

Posters vary in size but normally combine imagery with text to deliver a message on almost any topic. Used promotionally, posters are a versatile element of a presentation and allow for easy placement and focused emphasis when engaging prospective customers.

Because of the limited size of most posters, 16×20” to 36×48” and more often in the 22×28” range, effective design is a must. We can help with this.

The challenge for poster design is to create a graphic that has visual impact, is engaging, delivers a concise message yet isn’t cluttered. Positioning a poster where it has maximum impact is a strong consideration for its successful use. Here are some tips that might help.

Note: Using posters in a trade show environment requires a support structure such as an art easel, snap frame, poster stand, Velcro attachment to a display face or a hanging bar. Guess what? We can help with this too.