Banners are a tried and true means of exercising your visual voice. Available in many sizes and configurations, these “silent salesmen” can be a simple text message or a full color production that touts the benefits of your business offering.

A large banner for Faerie WorldPromote your Brand

Banners combine the effects of a sign, a flag, a mural and an “in your face” poster. They can promote your product or service, inform your customers of benefits and advantages, present way-finding directions or instructions, attract attention, highlight contact information and build brand awareness.

Design Process

At the start of the process, indoor only and indoor/outdoor product choices should be addressed. Ways to support your banner are also primary concerns so that your leading graphic is placed aesthetically, legibly and without being obscured.

Vertical or horizontal orientation will dictate design efforts and must comply with available space requirements as well as exhibit venue regulations.

Much like posters, great design will make your banner stand out from the crowd, grab eyeballs and steer traffic to your presentation, exhibit, display, business or event.


We fabricate traditional vinyl banners with grommets or near photo quality, fabric banners made to fit a variety of banner stands selected for your particular needs. The elegant fabrics now available bring finesse to your image and message when the more industrial look of vinyl is not appropriate.

There are many supporting product choices to serve your particular exhibit needs. Our talented and highly-experienced staff will assist you in working through the myriad of product choices available.