Important Choices for Trade Show Displays

When it comes to your trade show display, selecting the best substrates and laminates for your graphics should be the result of a careful choice of materials that will yield your intended result.

Based on your preferred “look”, a graphic designer will develop a graphics package that strongly conveys your message, presents your product or service in its best light, and/or builds atmosphere and branding for your exhibit environment.

three trade show booth ideas

Once your vision has been created and the production phase of your exhibit starts, the choice of materials is key to turning your vision into reality.

You may need rigid, mounted graphics that will become part of an exhibit panel face or you might have a display wall requiring flexible graphics to follow a serpentine curve. Choices of high gloss, luster or matte laminates that don’t glare in your spot lights or that supply the desired “punch” that shiny surfaces afford will dictate the proper reflectivity.

Substrates such as Gatorfoam¬®, Sintra® or Di-Bond® provide smooth stable surfaces on which to mount or print graphics that can be cut to shape or remain rectilinear.

Laminates not only protect the face of graphics but add a visual quality that should augment the appearance of your graphics. Various vinyl, polyester or polycarbonate laminates can control reflectivity, add UV protection or make a scratch resistant finish that suits your particular imaging demands.

In addition to coating graphics, there are wonderful textural laminates that can create a desirable “look and feel” for your display environment. These specialty laminates come as roll stock with an adhesive back and can be applied to various substrates to give the appearance of stainless steel, diamond plate metal, leather, various wood grains, brushed metal, suede, marble, granite and designer textures as well as solid colors.

We certainly welcome the opportunity to present these options to you or we can work with your graphic designer to help streamline the material selection process.