Hybrid and Modular Display Systems

Hybrid and Modular Display Systems use a combination of rigid materials and stretch fabric elements to create a very current look that can take many shapes and afford a varied textural appearance. Various elements or segments of the Hybrid Display Systems are well considered and may be changed out to suit product or market changes and the integration of technological elements.

Examples of hybrid and modular display systemsMonitors, iPads, back lighting, and spot lighting are now commonly used to provide more dynamic and in-depth information to your prospective clients.

These modular display designs can create an immersive environment complete with offices or sales rooms and, lofty back walls or towering header elements all in very modern and aesthetic form.

Combining state of the art modern design concepts with unmatched quality, our hybrid and modular display graphics can be adjusted to fit any size area. Designed to fill 20’x20’, 30’x30’ and even larger spaces, “island” displays provide an exceptionally impressive environment for your most professional appearance.

You can rest assured that no matter the setting, our hybrid and modular display systems are the perfect way for you to express your unique graphics.