Branding & Merchandising

Your perpetual, silent salesman is branding and merchandising. With so few hours in the day, it’s not possible to personally represent your company in all ways and all days. Branding and merchandising, if done properly, works nearly 24 hours a day for your company.

harvest house booth brandingBranding is essential throughout all of your promotional efforts, product packaging, service offerings and all of your communications. Memorable company identity, engaging graphics and clever branding provides customers with valuable information about your company.

Did you know – Memorable and engaging messages have a higher rate of recall than any other form of advertising?

Coors for example, understands if all that a prospective customer can recall is the “Silver Bullet,” then they have succeeded in its branding efforts. In the same way, if you can get your company name, tagline or product identity to stick in your prospects minds, it will help them seek out your offering.

Like Coors, major brands spend millions, if not billions, of dollars to bring their products and identity to the top of consumers’ minds. While most companies, especially small and independently owned businesses spend less, it is still most important to have a consistent, universal marketing and branding strategy that can work for any budget no matter how big or small.

When you effectively issue compelling visual messages in the marketplace that are easily read and attractive, you have the chance to strongly influence a positive buying decision or build a long lasting client relationship.

At Sterling Graphics, we help you prepare the appropriate means of delivering your message in an attractive and consistent way, so that your brand, what you offer and why your client should buy it, are clear and engaging.

With many effective presentation products available to you, we can work with you to bring your vision to reality.

Branding and Merchandising Ideas:

  • Banners (with or without banner stands)
  • Posters
  • Murals
  • Photos
  • Signs
  • Backlit displays
  • Kiosks
  • And much more

We will consult with you so your identity, product or service, promotional message, contact information and directive are presented in the best visual manner for the environment of your event or situation.

Banners are the flagship of visual messaging. Available in many sizes, forms and media types along with a variety of attractive supporting hardware, these attention getters bring bold identity, instant information and inescapable visibility to your marketing effort.

Posters can be designed to be effective, eye-catching documents and can be sized to fit your specific needs. Being bold, clear and concise with your message is essential for producing influential posters.

Murals are essentially overgrown posters that offer a grander environment for your message. Visual impact, extended viewing distance and larger- than-life presentations should attract attention with a “WOW!” factor.

Photography is nearly universal in its use and appeal for sharing actual and abstract representation of a product or service offerings. Properly prepared, photos can bring a very-appealing, professional touch to your presentation.

Signage is an essential element for display systems, point of purchase promotion, location identity, brand implementation, wayfinding, event announcement and many other marketing efforts. The myriad shapes, sizes, substrates, media and design elements make signs a challenging, yet rewarding, vehicle for announcing your presence and offering.

Backlit displays require a light source and an aesthetically-designed graphic document. As a type of signage, poster or photo, a backlit display adds an especially-dynamic, visual impact to your message.

Kiosks are information centers that can be displayed in high traffic areas for the purpose of educating, promoting, directing and even selling your products. As well as signage, these compact stands often contain digital tablets with touch screens for client convenience.