Displays and Exhibits

All Sterling Graphics products are made with the best materials available and highest quality workmanship for your displays and exhibits.

displays and exhibitsWhether you are looking to transform your brand with compelling graphics, or need functional trade show items, our array of innovative displays and exhibits are designed to meet all of your graphical needs.

Branding and Merchandising:

  • Signage – An essential element for branding and a multitude of other marketing efforts.
  • Lightboxes – Backlit displays that add a dynamic, visual impact to your message to stand out in a busy environment. They build audience awareness and reinforce your brand’s message
  • Banner Stands – Available in many sizes and configurations, these “silent salesmen” can be a simple text message or a full color production that touts the benefits of your business offering.

Trade Shows:

  • Modular Displays – Combining state of the art modern design concepts with unmatched quality, our hybrid and modular display graphics can be adjusted to fit any size area.
  • Portable Displays – Ease of shipping or transport are prime directives for this category of display with versatility, convenience and a very professional appearance being secondary but essential ingredients. The component aspect also allows for expandability when larger venues demand it.

Questions about displays or exhibits?

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